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White Blue Navy

White Blue Navy

Oceanographer and documentary film director Zissou is a man who finds his once-brilliant career in decline, no longer able to attract investors or inspire trust in others.
The film The Life Aquatic narrates an adventure Zissou undertakes with a ragtag team
in search of revenge against the Jaguar shark that had eaten his colleague.
The process by which the crew members learn to rely on each other and overcome challenges
resonates deeply with our own lived experiences.
WHITE BLUE NAVY: We present a palette of 3 colors associated with the ocean.
PS. We’d like to thank director Wes Anderson for inspiring this season’s concept.

Ona Boix

She studied fine arts at the University of Barcelona and maintains an artistic vision of their profession, who does not understand only from fashion, although it relates to it. She started painting fabrics by hand according oriental techniques requiring patience and skill. More later he entered the digital printing to work. Today alternating production with his artwork, which also uses the fabric as support.
She has developed most of his prints in their own collections of scarves, but also works in collaboration and designing for others, like on this occasion to Customellow.


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